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Bariatric Women
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Originally created in 2014, our Facebook community has grown to over 60,000 members. We pride ourselves on maintaining a positive, uplifting atmosphere where women who have had bariatric surgery (or are considering it), can come to receive support on their weight loss journey. We work with several other community members to provide fun games, prizes, recipes and more for our members!

Member Testimonial

“I became part of the Bariatric Women’s Support Facebook Group during the pre-op phase of my journey. I am now 8 months post op and have found the group so helpful. There are always great questions, inspiring quotes, healthy recipes, and above all a group of women that want to support each other through all the good, bad, and ugly of the WLS journey. The administrators are very involved and keep the group running smoothly which is definitely one of the reasons this group is awesome! It has helped me so much to get advice from other women who know exactly what you’re going through. This journey has been easier for me because of this group!” – B. Detter

Bariatric Women